Dear students, families and friends,

SING INC has undergone a variety of changes over the years, ranging from facilities to staff to programs. Through it all, our primary goal has been to provide our students with the finest musical and performance instruction experience possible. You have always been our focus and inspiration. Your dreams are ours; your successes our proudest moments. It therefore causes me great sadness to announce that after 10 years, hundreds of performances and countless amazing lessons, SING INC will be closing its doors effective April 10th, 2016 due to unforeseen significant health related issues.

What started as a simple dream of teaching singing lessons in my apartment blossomed into 3 successful locations and hundreds of amazing students. Without the passion and dedication of our talented coaches who truly love their students, SING INC would have been just another music school. But it was our students who brought the walls to life with their joy, energy and dreams. We’ve celebrated with you, laughed and cried with you. We wouldn’t trade a moment and will carry each wonderful memory with us as we move forward.

I realize that you may have questions, and it is important to me that each question is personally and fully answered. To ensure I am able to receive your messages we have created a form on our website where you can direct any questions regarding lessons, billing, etc. I will personally respond to each e-mail as quickly as I can. Other correspondence can go to PO BOX 340 Roseville CA 95678

My sincerest hope is that you don’t allow the closure of SING INC to interfere with your musical dreams. Please continue to sing, play and perform. Music and musical education are essential components of a well rounded, fulfilling life. As we’ve always said, sing to inspire, aspire to sing.

With gratitude,
Daniel E. Hayes